Seminar Preparation Stage 3:

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The seminar involves some advanced and challenging ideas. It involves identifying and assessing long-standing thinking style habits, and ideas about the source of our moods and emotions. It also involves trying out new ideas for empowering ourselves to take charge of our own moods and emotions for the purpose of increasing our motivation, drive and energy, and to achieve much higher levels of sales and personal effectiveness.

Please come prepared with some examples of personal work related setbacks (adversities) and successes. We will make use of them to assist the learning.

Important Definitions:
1 Mental Toughness and Emotional Resilience is the ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges, and to bounce back swiftly from adversities and setbacks.
Our coaching and learning & development programmes are all about enabling you to perform at your optimal level in all manner of circumstances and situations.

2 We'll be using the terms Optimistic and Pessimistic on the seminar.
Optimistic - Most people would mean, "Having a positive view of the future." if they said someone was an Optimist, just as they would mean, "Having a negative view ..." if they said someone was Pessimistic.

In this seminar we use those terms ( Optimistic and Pessimistic) in the way that Professor Martin Seligman uses them i.e. they describe ways of thinking about the causes of things that have already happened, not about your view of the future. e.g.
Pessimistic means having negative explanations for why good and/or bad things happen to you.
Optimistic means having positive explanations for why good and/or bad things happen to you.

Thinking about Thinking:
To get you thinking about how thinking is a choice, and how it influences our emotions and wellbeing, here are some short readings. We will discuss the Assagioli case questions during the seminar..

Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader here if you need to.

Read about the difference this optimistic attitude makes to sales results ...

Read about the difference that "Optimism" made at MetLife, the world's largest insurance company ...

Thank you, and I'm looking forward to working with you in the seminar.

Jamie Ford

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PS: At the conclusion of the seminar you may want to go to this Ten Top Tips page at Management Magazine for some ideas to refresh your learning..

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